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dev11 is first and foremost a solutions agency - in that, we solve problems. But, we don't just solve problems - we build the solution(s) that solve the problems - whether that's a powerful, responsive website, a full-screen, progressive web app (PWA), a bootstrap admin dashboard, a native mobile app (for both iOS and Android), a custom RESTful API from the ground up, an API integration with an older legacy API and a newer, more modern API, an SDK (software development kit), a script, a function and a variety of other digital solutions.

Our approach is both organic and scientific and we blend creative freedom with precise engineering in a way that is unparelleled and unprecedented.

The 4 Ds. 


We spend a significant amount of time getting to know our clients and their needs. We want to know your strengths, your weaknesses and your pain points, but we also want you to know ours. Creating solutions that help your organization grow is not an easy business, so developing a solid foundation to the working relationship is paramount.

Perhaps, one of the most unique things about us, is that we teach our Client-Partners - and we ask and let you teach us as well. We want to learn your business and in turn, we want to teach you the basic fundamentals of ours. This helps develop a cohesive working rhythm and understanding that allows ideas to flourish. Then the only thing left is planning and execution.


dev11 Branding KitWe actually started out as graphic designers. What led to our interest in development was merely the desire to minimize it as a distraction, thus allowing us to focus on design more - and more quickly during the entire product creation process.

Like everything we do, we are all about efficiency. But efficiency can mean many things. To us, it's about optimizing the time, energy, people-power, budget and mental energy spent. But, all in an effort to leave as much time, room to breath, energy and freedom for the creative process to flourish.

Our mantra is - why spend 80% of the time building, when you can spend 20% of the time building and the rest of the time implementing and adapting.

We have a team of in-house, world-class designers who have worked on every type of deliverable asset imaginable. And like everything else - we push the envelop and take pride in the every specificity that separates good from excellent. We understand PPI, DPI and everything in between. We'll advise you of what and how to get the most crisp, breath-taking, high quality versions of your brand imprinted on all your deliverables.

DAAS - Design As A Service (DaaS) dev11 Food + Bev Branding Kit

Finally, we make it a point to keep a library of all the Photoshop, Illustrator, etc templates for every work that we do in an effort to bring the most value to our Client-Partners. 


We specialize in design + branding for all sorts of industries, but one of our specialties that we find delicious is Food + Bev. Due to our extensive experience in E-Commerce we've had the pleasure of working with quite a few Restaurant and Food + Bev brands. We've done everything from logos to websites, mobile apps, signage, letter-head, various printworks like Posters, Fliers, Invitations, etc. View our Food + Bev Branding Kit


Our Managing Directors had previously founded of the world's top 500 website properties and have worked with a host of the nation's top Tech companies. In addition, certain Trade Secrets lend to why and how our technology is so advanced. We take pride in making sure the foundation of our technology is engineered with excellence and precision. We've learned that this gives the products we build the most stability and endurance against the constant evolution of changes that Apple, Google and the other staples implement.

Digital + Technical IP - Software As A Service (SaaS)

At the heart of our operation is our IP, Intellectual Property. We are constantly perfecting processes, coding, frameworks, SDKs, APIs, etc. And our portoflio of pre-built technology is currently worth about $7M+. This allows us to build almost anything imaginable faster than any company on earth. In addition, it allows us to be done with 80% of your idea before we even start it.


We help our Client-Partners launch as if their product was our own. We don't just push you out into the wild and leave you hanging. We help you, hand-in-hand, implementing A/B testing and calibrating iterations of changes and adjustments to your work, so that you can optimize your ROI as quickly as possible.

At dev11, we spend less time building & more time implementing.