Our IP

"Necessity is the mother of invention." - for dev11, necessity has often been the need to be able to make innovative new technology faster and at a fraction of the cost compared to other top creative agencies.

Imagine being a small, unknown company pitching a much larger company for a contract to make their new website or mobile app - and finding out you're just one of 20 and that the other 19 are all significantly larger firms.

Early on we were competitive and had really good quality for the price, but there were of course a variety of things we didn't have experience in, so it was understandable that a potential client might not choose to go with us.

However, as we grew, both in experience and size, we began to realize that not much separated us from our much larger competitors. And, with each new pitch we began to see the similarities in the fundamental needs of most clients. This realization led to an unprecedented preparedness that would allow us to research potential Clients, their current products, partnerships and Vendors - and ultimately walk into pitches with most of what they needed already built.

It was out of this strategy that we realized we were a lot like a SaaS company - and later that approach would carry over into our Design Practices, Support Practices, etc.

SaaS - Software As A Service

You've probably heard of SaaS, right? Well, our philosophy is rooted in SaaS in the sense that we don't think it's fair to charge clients full project rates for things we're supposed to be doing all the time - like making logos, making Contact pages, making Log In pages, make Member Account Profiles, etc. We try to perfect the most fundamental and common needs, so that they're ready to go right from the start of your project.

In our experience, 70% of most projects need a portion of the same set of fundamental elements: User Architecture + Accounts, Logging In/Out, Contact, FAQ, About pages, some sort of Referral feature, etc.

dev11 Branding KitDaaS - Design As A Service

Having started out as a Design Firm, it's with much irony that the very thing we set out to streamline (ie development) so that we could focus more on design - would eventually influence and evolve our approach to design. Our team consists of world-class designers with a breadth of experience in many of the most common verticals, yet we "template" everything we can so we can quickly produce high-quality deliverables in a fraction of the time - and cost. 

Note: We are currently finishing up a re-brand, so the Media Kit below will be updated shortly. In addition, we specialize in Design + Branding for a large variety of industries and verticals. Food & Bev is just one.

Our Digital IP :


  • Complete Custom Design
  • Design Mockups (you approve)
  • Custom App Icon
  • Online Design Studio
  • Custom Splash Screen
  • Hi-Resolution Design
  • Photoshop Design
  • World Class UI/UX
  • World Class Usability
  • Brand Consistent Design
  • Complimentary Image Editing
  • Logo Design (Optional)


  • Easy Content Management
  • Custom Push Notifications
  • Real-time GPS + Geo-Fencing
  • SMS Text Message Alerts
  • Login/Signup/User Profiles
  • YouTube API Integration
  • Click-to (Call/Text/Email)
  • Chat Style User Inboxes
  • Powerful Groups Feature
  • AJAX Powered Searching
  • Powerful, Custom Blog
  • SEO Optimized


  • Powerful E-Commerce
  • Authorize, Paypal + Stripe
  • Apple Pay Touch ID
  • Orders/Inventory Management
  • 5-Star Reviews Features
  • Swipe-enabled Galleries
  • Product Slider w/ Thumbs
  • Wishlist Feature
  • AJAX Add To Cart
  • Catalog Feature
  • Session Technology
  • Offline Technology


  • Business/Idea Analysis
  • Precise, Lean Code
  • World Class Engineering
  • Screen/Page Caching
  • Super Fast Loading
  • Sneak-Peek Test Apps
  • Back-end Integration
  • US-Made & Support
  • Wordpress, Squarespace, etc.
  • Free Basic App Hosting
  • Published Under ThinApp
  • Flexible Payment Plans