Our Work

Development (Web, Hybrid, Native Mobile, Mobile) and Design + Branding are our key areas of specialty.

We can help design every facet of your brand extremely fast without sacrificing quality or uniqueness due to our unique approach we call DAAS - or Design As A Service. DAAS means we package common high-quality design templates, packages and assets, so that we can produce deliverables in record time for our clients and brands. From Storefront signs to letter-head to logos. We've done it all - and are always ready to get your next project up and off the ground running in less than 24 hours.

Development however is where we really make a difference. For over a decade we've been compiling and building high-quality code-based librairies of solutions, APIs, SDKs (ie. software development kits, like for mobile apps), scripts and frameworks that we specifically engineered to be able to give our clients one heck of a headstart with their projects.

Simply put, our framework allows us to create about 80% of the ideas in the world and we can deploy a fresh project in 30 seconds flat - with over $250,000 worth of compiled features - from real-time inboxes with conversational style messaging, to closed-loop in-network wallets (like Venmo) to 256-bit encrypted data of every kind. We take security very seriously and have worked with some of the largest brands in the world, like McDonald's, Square, Twilio and many others.

Note: We are currently finishing up a re-brand, so the Media Kit below will be updated shortly. In addition, we specialize in Design + Branding for a large variety of industries and verticals. Food & Bev is just one.

dev11 Design + Branding Kit

dev11 Food + Dev Design + Branding Kit

Note: Some links below may not be active because we often switch servers for different portfolio projects - for various continuity reasons (ie. when new features may require a different set of features in the server environment). Note2: Some of these links below often change because of changing servers or domains associated with the underlying projects, so please feel free to ask us if you're interested in viewing any current installation or project.

  • DevShares.com - a global tech marketplace where members can crowd-fund development, new hires & more.
  • CrowdKode.com - featured software created by our founding team and made available to the public.
  • Pre-Order - a White-Label, E-Commerce SaaS Solution for Square POS
  • SuperApps - a brandable, universal hybrid website + app platform
  • CashOrders - an online ordering platform that doesn't require credit cards
  • VoiceMenu (currently voice-ordering.com) - the world's first voice-activated search engine for Restaurant Menus
  • Virtual Cashier - the world's first voice-activated Kiosk for Square POS
  • OrderItFrom.com (upgrading servers) - customizable, brandable online stores + ordering for Square
  • VoiceKiosk - the world's first voice-activated Kiosk for Square POS
  • BΛSE - Our custom responsive website platform + framework based on LAMP Stack
  • GregorioLaw.com - a Wordpress website for a renown lawfirm (dev11 handled all development + branding)
  • WhaddaJerk.com - a restaurant website and long-term client who's mobile app we originally created for Square POS.
  • PiniPico Mobile App + Branding
  • Neato Burrito Mobile App + Custom Solutions
  • Convive Mobile App + Custom Branding
  • Ipsento Mobile App
  • Reprise Coffee Mobile App + Kiosk
  • FruVe Mobile App
  • Bubble Bubble Mobile App + Custom Solutions
  • Big Game Air Mobile App + Website
  • Voice-Recognition, Voice AI, Kenect AI (a people-networking, GPS-based API) Ever Poll 
  • E-Wallet Payment Technology + the E-Wallet App
  • E-Commerce Website Frameworks, Apps, SDKs, APIs