One of the things we can pretty much guarantee you is we're probably the most transparent technology company on the face of the planet. We wield our technology experience and prowess like an excalibur sword or a light saber, whichever you prefer - while simultaneously embracing our weaknesses. Where most agencies and creatives mislead or twist truths, either intentionally or carelessly we attack everything head on. We figure - why waste time acting like we're good at something we don't know when we can just focus on the many things we do know? 

It's All About Relationships

This philosophy has taken us far and allowed us to forge some unique relationships with our clients. We openly tell our clients what we don't know and we're proud of it, because we can't be good or great at everything. The weaknesses and lack of experience we have is a direct result of us focusing so voraciously on the strengths we do possess. 

The Secret To Our Transparency Is Teaching

And, to elaborate a little further on that thing about us being the most transparent tech company in the world - one of the reasons we know this is because it's what almost every client says. You see, the thing that we do differently, that almost nobody does - is we teach our clients. We open up our doors, computers and professional workspaces to them and let them see us build and code. Before COVID-19 that used to happen in our offices, co-working spaces we frequented or even in clients' offices, but now it usually occurs during a Zoom with screen-sharing. Never the less, we aren't afraid to show our clients code, frameworks, APIs - or even crashes.

Sometimes it takes some getting used to and adjusting because these things are way over the head of most clients, but we do it in a way that the most non-technical person can appreciate. In most cases, that's simply showing them the abyss of code on minute and the front-end results that the user will see the next minute. Then, to make it all even more understandable - we change one little thing then show the front-end again. And, to our delight that's usually when the "A-ha!" moment happens and clients aren't so scared of seeing code any more.

A Secret Weapon For Our Clients

Organically, most clients end up treating and thinking of us sort of like their own private "tech" consultants. They run things by us, have us vet other vendors and often times have us over-see other vendors - because they know, while we may not know something, we know how to go about finding out enough about it to hold a vendor's feet to the fire.

The fiber of our existence is based in truth, fact and absolution. We're a blend of engineers at heart and designers by trade. The purity of the technology allows for the organic beauty of the design aesthetic.